Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bioinformatics Postdoc Position available!

A two-year BBSRC-funded postdoc position is now available to work in the Edwards lab developing and applying QSLiMFinder. Informal enquiries are encouraged. You can apply or get further details here. The blurb:
You are invited to apply for the post of Research Fellow to work closely with Dr Richard Edwards on a BBSRC-funded project to develop and apply computational tools for the prediction of protein motifs that mediate protein-protein interactions.

Many protein-protein interactions are mediated by Short Linear Motifs (SLiMs): short stretches of proteins (5-15 amino acids long), of which only a few positions are critical to function. These motifs are vital for biological processes of fundamental importance, such as signalling pathways and targeting proteins to the correct part of a cell.

This position represents an exciting opportunity to join one of the early pioneers in the growing field of SLiM prediction. The primary objective of this project is to integrate a number of leading computational techniques to predict novel SLiMs and, in so doing, add crucial detail to protein-protein interaction networks. This will generate a valuable resource of potential SLiMs, including defined occurrences and interactions.

The project will use a number of computational and sequence analysis techniques. Basic programming skills are essential. Experience with database design, HPC and web programming are desirable. You will be required to develop a thorough knowledge of SLiM-mediated protein-protein interactions and should therefore be comfortable with biological literature, biochemistry, molecular evolution and structural biology.

A background in either computer science or biology, with a PhD in a relevant subject area, is essential. Previous research experience (PhD or Postdoctoral) in computational biology is highly desirable. Candidates with a computer science background must demonstrate an interest and aptitude for molecular biology. Similarly, candidates with a biology background must demonstrate an interest and aptitude for computer programming.

You should be an enthusiastic researcher, a good team-worker and an excellent communicator. Project management skills and independent research experience are desirable.

The position is full-time and available immediately for a period of up to two years.

The closing date for this position is 15 June 2012. Please apply online through www.jobs.soton.ac.uk or alternatively telephone 023 8059 2750 for an application form. Please quote reference number 119512BJ on all correspondence. In addition to submitting your CV, please enclose a personal statement highlighting your research interests and experience, as outlined in the accompanying Further Particulars. Please note that the project is 100% computational.

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